Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Little Things In Life are a Blessing

I am blessed with a renewed desire to create.
I have a new blog just for my creations.
I hope you will invite your friends to come visit.


Mr Snowman is a graphic holding his bundle of Tallow Berries.

wearing a glittered acorn hat
with an old black scarf to keep
him warm.

He stands in snow with a glittered acorn, a Hydrangea &
snow pine baby cones

a bit of musical score on his pot.



Cover front and back with two different papers
lots of Fabrics, lace, velvet, ribbons , paper birds

stamped on the front "If God is for us, who
can be against us. Romans 8:31"

Lined inside paper
lots of lined pages

A perfect gift.

A bit of pink whimsy too

Lace on spine, an bit of whimsy paper heart

A vintage button holds the silk ribbons
a bit of glitter


That's it for now
I'll be adding more soon
I have some lovely bird ornaments coming

Thanks for visiting


  1. This is just beautiful, Jayne. I LOVE the background. I think it just fits you. I'll be checking in just to enjoy the beauty of it. Enjoy the rest of the day.

  2. I love this new blog! I will definitely be following...just lovely!

  3. Hello I love your blog! Well done! I love to journal and I think the one in your post is simply beautiful! Come visit me I would love to have you!

  4. Love your new blog.
    What a wonderful giveaway
    What beautiful new creations

  5. Beautiful! I love the design of this blog, too! So glad you're doing well.

  6. Hi Swap Partner!! I love this new blog! Your creations are just gorgeous. Now, don't visit my blog until you receive your ornament because I did a post on the swap this morning. I just couldn't wait! But, I'm off to add this new beautiful blog to the post! I hope your ornament arrives today! Then go check out my post. I'm waiting on that mail guy, too! Have a blessed day, Deena!

  7. P.S. I LOVE the background!!! LOLOL!! When I clicked from my blog to yours, I thought that I was seeing double!!!! Have a blessed day!

  8. Just beautiful! I'm so glad you're creating again. It's Deena-Done--it's you. We'll have to create together again soon. Love you.

  9. Hi Sweetie, love your new blog and I was so happily surprised to see a couple papers I recognize. ;-) So happy to see you so inspired to create again. I stop by your other blog every now and then to check up on you and see how you're doing.


  10. I just found your new blog! Your creation are lovely! Thanks for the giveaway too! :0)

  11. I'd like to have at least one of everything but I can't right now. That doesn't stop me from loving each thing.


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